Don't Put Up With a Messy Garage

Depend on us for garage storage installation services
in Minneapolis, Sauk Centre or St. Paul, MN

Struggling to keep your garage organized? Panaché Inspiration Center can help. We sell Tidy Joe's garage cabinets to clients in Sauk Centre, St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.

Installing a garage storage system is an affordable way to keep your home better organized. Contact us today to purchase a top-quality garage storage system.

Install garage cabinets that will last

Ready to take control of your cluttered garage? Look no further than Panaché Inspiration Center. Our Tidy Joe’s garage cabinets are:


  • Durable: These cabinets can stand up to heavy-duty use.
  • Affordable: Choose a storage system that won’t break the bank.
  • Versatile: You can easily rearrange your system to suit your needs.



Keep your garage looking spick-and-span with sturdy new cabinets. Call 612-719-3404 today to get a garage storage system at your property in St. Paul, Minneapolis or Sauk Centre, MN.